Vivian Anderrson

The Queen


Name: Vivian Anderrson

Look: Domineering, Calculating eyes

Origin: Source of the Infection

The Queen’s Moves
The Clique (Cultists)

Many Bodies

Other Moves


Hot: 2
Cold: 1
Volatile: -1
Dark: -1

Carry Forward



Spoiler: Background
Everyone thinks the Anderrson’s are Satanists. It made a certain amount of sense;they were allegedly in the property business as soon as a person with the last name Anderrson could foresee-ably be in North America, managed to quietly survive when others could not, and allegedly migrated from Washington State when the local’s ran them out some time in the seventeenth century. The Anderrson’s real estate business, while far smaller than it once was, has a legacy still existent in it’s magnificent grounds and it’s reputation for darkness and deceit. Add that with several generations about gossip about rich people with no real jobs, and questions start to arise. And, let’s face it, they don’t even bother to show up chuck pot lucks and the adult Anderrson’s are barely around in the first place, allegedly off in exotic locals like Manhattan and Toronto, making big deals with big people who would otherwise never come in contact with anyone from where they actually live.

Vivian Anderrson was introduced to the actual family secret on her summer vacation following up her freshman year of high school; she developed her metaphorical venom sacks and established her power base at school quickly enough, and knew, deep down, that she was destined for greater things. She learned how to pronounce the name Anton LeVay by herself, made herself a mock goth of sorts, and fully expected to live up to her families reputation in a way only a supremely bored teenager who got hot before High School could get.

She really didn’t expect to be told by her parents (actually caretakers; real mommy and daddy were axed awhile back) that she was actually the sacred vector for a mind control plague, the latest in a long line of Anderrson’s who carry the virus, and it’s first modern tender and grower. First discovered by their woodsmen ancestors in Norway by splitting open a tree that was not a tree, it was the cause and downfall of generations of Anderrsons, and reason why they fled from their northern homelands all the way to the deep desert; no matter where they went, the natives caught on to what they did, and stopped it. There was also some stuff involving horse needles being injected into some screaming people she didn’t know, ancient bloodlines, blood sacrifices, being the scion to some pagan god or something, but that wasn’t Vivian’s main concern after learning of her ancient heritage.

That was to spend the rest of the evening pondering her newfound power, with a smoldering joint in one hand and a cosmopolitan fixed by her not-parent in the other. She’s still working on the details whether or not becoming evil overlord with a manor or scoring a seat in congress is right for her, but as of right now she commands a group of goth kids and choice pretty friends. Also, she’s the head cheerleader for the school, but that came naturally to her before she became the zombie queen of death valley.

Spoiler: Apperance
Vivian Anderrson is a teenage girl of middling height; her skin is a smooth, healthy light tan that had faded heavily despite the onslaught of late summer, a fact which has not escaped the notice of many. Conventionally pretty in many respects, puberty did her well and she can afford to modify what little nature did not preform to her standards. Her natural hair color is blond, having switched back to it after her experience in her false family’s home, and her eyes are a shade of greenish-brown that would otherwise be entirely unremarkable sans the fact they became a darker shade of green during summer vacation. She favors red clothing, usually sticking with the more tasteful outfits she could salvage from her extensive goth clothing collection and tasteful, and usually sticks to tasteful, expensive clothing that could be easily sourced from the nearest mall that suits her needs. What jewelry she has are all quite real and quite old, although all are rather striking, and, most importantly, extremely pretty from the perspective any any teenager who might get a glimpse at them.


Vivian Anderrson

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