Cara Kingston

The Hollow


Name: Cara “Kingston” (She created the surname)

Look: Haunted, Desperate Eyes

Origin: Somebody wished for a friend.

Spoiler: Backstory
Cara doesn’t know when she was born. She remembers discovering she had no purpose; she can’t help it. But every moment between then and now? The grains of sand start to blend together, become indistinguishable. Some moments shine bright, illuminating the sand among them, but eventually, they turn heavy, and sink right to the bottom, and she gets to remember those, too.

Immortality isn’t living forever. Immortality is everbody else dying.

She’s spent most of her non-life moving from place to place. She doesn’t know if any of it was happy, but she keeps a bag of trinkets that she assumes are from those times. Whenever she gets overwhelmed, she likes to go over them, try to remember the people who gave them to her, or who she took them from. It’s comforting to have a history, even if she doesn’t know it.

One of these items is a bank card, in her name, for an account that already has (And regularly receives) money from numerous investments. Her time walking the world has forced her to adapt, and that’s what she’s had to do to acquire a small ranch house on the outskirts of Death Valley, Nevada. Her cover story is that she’s funded by an extremely rich relative – and for the rare occasion that somebody does doub ther, they’re more likely to assume she’s the daughter of some crime lord than a promise incarnate forced to wander the Earth.

There are more warning signs and alarm on its borders than can easily be counted, and a lot of Cara’s time is spent maintaining the house and its grounds. It has fully-functioning electricity, water, and internet, though only the latter is used for anything other than appearances.

Cara has been attending Death Valley High for a couple of years now. While she hasn’t made many friends, she enjoys the feeling of being immersed in humanity, she likes to learn new things (Or re-learn old things), and it doesn’t hurt that she gets to spend time around lots of cute girls. And it’s definitely not creepy that she’s actually…however many years old.

Spoiler: Appearance
Cara looks like she could dissipate in a particularly strong wind. She could just barely match a teacher’s height with a ladder, and would be perfectly camoflaged in a bowl of milk. Fortunately, she’s managed to avoid a squirrely aura by walking with relatieve grace and demurity, although most are likely to consider her attempts at formality adorable.

But, she doesn’t let that stop her. Her most common outfit consists of a longcoat that flares at the hips, a suit jacket with a blouse and some kind of tie. With that, she wears plaid pants and boots, and accessorizes with a choker. She manages to avoid accusations of goth-iness by wearing a wide variety of her chosen style, but teenagers are ruthlessly creative and that doesn’t stop them from creating other insults.

Cara stays remarkably well-groomed, partially to maintain her cover, and partially because it mkaes her feel good. Hair styling, beautician visits, and similar, are weekly occurrences. She keeps her hair and nails short for mostly practical purposes.

“Ame”, by Kuvshinov-Ilya

Spoiler: Personality
Cara is weird. While she favors manners, kindness, and being dedicated to education, she has a sense of humor that tends to set people off-balance. Most people wouldn’t laugh at the idea of a marketing company creating a new frog (With all-terrain wheels) to replace the drab old species, but she eats it up – and twice on Sundays. Most people wouldn’t giggle for days about sexual comments stretched to absurd lengths, and yet…

Those aspects, alongside an unplaceable accent and clamming up at any attempt to discuss her family, have left her largely unpopular, despite all her money. Despite this, she proves a good friend to those who are willing to put up with her eccentricities, and will readily go out of her way to help them. She hasn’t really had a girlfriend yet, despite how jealous she gets of people who do, and this can often lead to her bad memories being dredged up.

And she has far too many of those. When she’s depressed, Cara tends to get snappy, pushes her friends away, and refuse to believe that she should spend time with any of them. They’ll all disappear, in the end, just like everyone else. And yet, being left alone only makes her worse. All the wonderings about who she is, why she is, that she tries to keep buried, burn like they’re fresh and drive her deeper into depression.

At school, she favors anything that has to do with art (For expressing herself) and history (For maybe learning more about herself), while loathing gym. Without her suits, the shell of a persona, she’s left feeling vulnerable and…lacking in certain departments.

Hollow Moves

Inhuman Gaze

A Blank Canvas

Other Moves


Hot: -1
Cold: -1
Volatile: 1
Dark: 2


Cara Kingston

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