Raijin "Ray" Donner

The Oni


Storm Grey Eyes

Spirit of the Storm

Hot: 0
Cold: -1
Volatile: +1
Dark: +1

Bully: When you use physical violence to cow someone, shut them down with volatile.
Oni Wa Soto: When someone orders you out of a place that is unquestionably theirs, take a string on them if you leave right away.

You’re constantly watching for people to f*** up, and no one is perfect. Take a string on everyone.

A few people have stood up to your bullying and called you out in public. Give away two strings, divided any way you like. (Nencyc and Vivian, one string each)

I caught Lily rummaging through my friend’s stuff, but kept quiet.


Sex Move:
When you have sex with someone, they tell you how they are special or different from everyone else, and you choose one:
*take a string on them
*give them the condition stands out

Darkest Self:
They’re all raised nails, every one of them at different heights. Every little thing they do stands out and causes disharmony. You’ll straighten them out, you’ll hammer them all down. The time for subtlety is over, you’ll abuse, torment and pound each and every one of them until they’re all the same again. Those that can’t or won’t conform must be removed. To escape your Darkest Self, you must accept someone’s uniqueness and announce it publicly, removing their stands out condition.

About Ray:
Ray Donner was Born in Japan. His dad was in the country for a one-year stint teaching English. His mother was the daughter of a powerful storm demon temporarily in human form.

When Ray’s dad returned to the US, he brought his infant son back with him, never realizing that Ray was anything other than human.

Ray’s always been big. He’s always been good at sports. He’s always been interested in enforcing the unwritten rules about the playground and the lunch room. Always finding out who’s weird or different and meting out the punishment they deserve. And he’s always had dreams where his skin is blue and he carries a big iron club and the grey clouds thunder around him as lightning flashes. He doesn’t tell anyone about those dreams, because that would mean he’s the one that’s different, that deserves punishment.


Raijin "Ray" Donner

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