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Death Valley, Nevada
The (fictional) town of Death Valley, Nevada is just outside Death Valley National Park. It has a population of roughly 10,000, and there are 400ish students enrolled in Death Valley High. It is a little over an hour’s drive to Las Vegas, and only two hours from Area 51. Not that there’s anything there.

The valley has artesian wells that allow ranching, and the town has grown into a bedroom community for the Air Force base at Indian Springs and Vegas itself. The proximity to Death Valley and numerous ghost towns, mines, and canyons have given rise to a healthy tourist economy, mostly in the form of cheap motels, tacky gift shops and fast food, but also including a couple of small casinos, a brothel, an off road race track and a resort complete with an artificial lake and a golf course. Ranching continues outside of the developed areas, and some mining is still done in the mountains. Mostly, though, the town is surrounded by miles and miles of empty desert.

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